You are all perfect

You are all perfect

Avoiding lifestyle changes because you think you won’t do well?

“Each of you is perfect the way you are … and you can use a little improvement.”
I love this quote!

My focus is to live a slow pace life with respect and love for myself, others, animals and mother earth. I believe that if we all just do a little, together we do a lot.
Recently I saw a picture of a plastic bottle with the text “It’s just one plastic bottle. Said 2 million people…”. Every little thing you do matter – of course it would be more effective if it became a higher priority at a higher level of society – but everything matters.

I have heard about this thing where people avoid lifestyle changes because they fear they won’t do well enough. That if they cannot do something 100 % why do it at all? Apparently, it is a “thing” called eco-anxiety. People get so overwhelmed by all the things they feel inspired to for example to live a zero waste life or plastic free or 100 % organic that they get anxious and end up doing nothing at all. That sucks! Where does that come from? We are here to learn – it is a journey and that is okay.

No one should feel bad for wanting to make a positive lifestyle change. If you feel inspired to change something in your life like for example reduce plastics that is great – but if the thought alone makes you tired or anxious something is not right. I hear that a lot, but we do not have to be perfect. We are not perfect – I am not perfect – and it’s okay. Start small. A small change is better than no change at all.

If you wish to reduce plastic waste start with buying a cloth shopping bag. Then you avoid buying a plastic bag when picking up groceries. Or if you feel inspired to live zero waste acknowledge the fact that you can’t and try your best! Even the king or queen of zero waste have waste at the end of the year – a very small amount of waste but probably not zero. The important thing is to start making new routines – and making new routines takes time – and it’s okay – you are okay! Good luck on your adventure. I salute you.

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