Move your body

Move your body

Move your body for a better day

Do you know those days where nothing seems to go your way?
You feel it even before you have left the bed – something does not feel good inside.
And even though you get out of your bed at the same side as always – that side is obviously the wrong side of the bed that particularly day and you can’t seem to shake it off. You stump your toe, miss the bus, drop your cereal. You are trapped in a bad day.

The result often being that you feel sorry for yourself and search for things to make you feel better. We all have things we turn to. For me it is sugar – I have a sweet tooth. For some it is alcohol, cigarettes, picking a fight, shopping and so on. No matter what it is for you it often makes you feel worse. After eating a box of chocolate my body reacts in an unpleasant way – also I feel guilty because I know it is bad for me. So no – sorry. It does not help you.

Some days you just have to admit defeat and be okay with the fact, that this day did not fall out the way you wanted it  too and that is okay. Tomorrow is a new and hopefully better day. But most times it is actually possible to turn it around.

I know that I crave sugar – therefore – when that craving occurs I now know better. I know that it is something else that I actually need. What do you turn to for self-comfort? If you do not know what you turn to, look at your behavior the next time you have a bad day or feel stressed.  When you know what you turn to you are able to make a conscious choice to try something else. What works for me and what I want to recommend is to get out of your head and in to your body – move – get your bloodstream flowing faster. If yoga is not your thing do something else. Go for a run, take a walk, play golf, turn up the music and have a five-minute dance party like no one is looking.

Try it out the next time you are stuck in a bad day.

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