Home is where you park it

Home is where you park it

About having a new backyard every day

Another super cool thing about vanning is the fact that your home really is where you park it. You are always home in your van but the scenery – that you can change every day if you like. One day you can have a forrest as a backyard and the next the ocean, a cornfield or maybe a lake – whatever you like. It is actually a pretty cool feeling – but one must also be prepared for another back yard than first expected.

It might be, that your plan is to find a great fishing spot in the woods. You dream about waking up the next day to the view of green all around. You can already hear the sound of the wind in the leaves of the trees, the calm water in the forest lake. The lake where you hopefully will catch your dinner, which you will cook over the open fire at the end of the day. And you can absolutely make that happen! But as said – you may also find yourself in a completely different situation.

It is a possibility that you end up getting a flat tire in a parking lot of a supermarked because of a nail. That may happen after spending days driving around on dirt roads in the woods – no problem. It is also a possibility that your spare tire suddenly has decided to be flat, even though you could swear that you checked it before you took off. And oh yes – it is Sunday which means that everything is closed so you can’t buy a new tire and have to stay the night.

Just for the record – That parking lot did not qualify for the online map of nice places to stay overnight i wrote about in another blogpost.

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