Bring home the mental calmness from the holiday

Bring home the mental calmness from the holiday

Peace! How do you bring the mental calmness from the holiday with you home

Most people love the holidays – as do I. It just feels different. I think it feels different for me because I leave a part of myself at home – the part of me that struggle to be one step ahead. The part that plan everything and the part that worries. I have been aware of this for some years and have managed to let go and be okay with whatever happens. I have become quite good at it I think. Still I feel different, I feel relief when the calendar says “holiday” and I can put my responsibilities in an imaginary box. That calmness in my head – the silence of the constant yapping monkey mind – I want that to follow me home when the holiday ends. I still want to have plans and think ahead to be prepared throughout the day but I also want silence – please. To get there I have my ways. I write lists – write the stuff down I need to remember – get it out of my head and down on to the paper. I make reminders on my phone and put up post its. I am mindful about my use of electronics. Play with my kid. Do yoga. – I move my body. There are ways to get the holiday calmness or at least part of it with you in your daily life. Actually, there is not just one way and what works for you might not be what works for me. Recently I was reminded of another way that works for me. It had moved to the back of my mind but it is very useful and I would like to share that with you. What happened was that I was listening to a podcast about being present. And thank you

Waylon Lewis (founder of elephant journal) for bringing it back to my attention. Waylon explained it so well. It is all about NOT using the small moments during the day. Bringing mental awareness into those moments – being present. So that when you are walking or bicycling or whatever get out of your head an do that. Look at the scenery, breathe and feel the fresh air if you are outside. If you are sitting in a train or waiting for a friend at a restaurant – don’t pick up the phone to fill out the waiting time – just sit, observe, breathe – just be and enjoy a littke break. I had to admit that Waylon was on to something because at the time I was listening to the podcast I was bicycling. Therefore, I practice being present a little extra these days – maybe you will join in. Being present – not filling out the small moments.

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