Autumn is here

Autumn is here

Something happened – something changed

I feel it to my very core
My body knew days before my calendar told me with its crooked letters – it is time!
I do not only acknowledge its presence cause my calendar tells me to – my body felt it days before
Autumn is coming

Autumn is here for us
The summer has passed and now only greets us in a small glimpse when autumn allows it
I feel it in the air – in the wind

The air is no longer dry, warm, soft and calming
The air is fresh – uplifting
I flows like soft waters
Touches my skin with the soft coolness that I have been longing for
Softly – like a mothers hand touching her child for the very first time
Refreshing my body and mind when I breathe in and the cold air spreads throughout my body

The warm stillness of the summer seeps away
The body longs for hot drinks to keep warm
Keeping the balance
Peace in body and mind
Cold air touches my skin while I turn my face to the sun
Closing my eyes to feel the last warm sun against my summer freckled cheeks

Autumn is here for us…


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