About being alone – together

About being alone – together

When vanning together – are you ever alone?

When we are vanning we spend all day everyday together, and a lot of people ask me if we ever get tired of being so close and in need of some time alone? Truth is that if you consider, van life and you want to bring in others than yourself – make sure that you like that person – a lot! Also make sure that you find yourself able to feel alone even sitting right next to that person. We do. The answer is that we are never alone alone – and that is okay. But a very important thing to add is that we are so close that we are capable of being alone together. To feel alone in each other’s presence would be sad – but we are able to be together and still make space to take a time out and get some space mentally to recharge.

Personally I do not get renewed energy by going to social arrangements with music, small talk and lots of people I don’t know. I recharge in nature or at home – alone. Except that “alone” is not necessarily alone by myself. Through the years the concept of being alone has evolved. I can now be alone and recharge together with my husband, son, parents, sisters and closest friends – not all at the same time though. When in the van we find ourselves in need of some mental space maybe we put our son out for a nap, my husband will pop the top and jump up there to read, and I will do yoga, knit, read or whatever project I work on at that moment – or maybe just take a nap.

So no – we are never alone physically. But mentally we are alone together and there is something very beautiful about that. Knowing a person so well that the concept of “awkward silence” does not exist. When I visit my mom we can be alone together. She knits and I read a book and when we have recharged we talk over coffee, laugh and have fun. My closest girlfriends also knows how to do that – I love that and appreciate it so so much! If my husband did not feel the same way – being able to be alone while with me, I doubt that we would enjoy van life half as much as we do.  

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