A good tip to van lifers

A good tip to van lifers

Here is a good tip for all you van lifers and other adventures souls

When we are at home, we often talk about what new adventure awaits us and where to go next. Sometimes we find our self wanting to revisit a place. Or other van lifers asks for a great spot – and we cannot remember how to get there!

We found a great spot in the woods once but when wanting to revisit, it took us 3 trips to find the place again!
Still I do not believe that we can drive straight to it…

Therefore, we made an online map with our friends living in the other side of the country. It is a very helpful tool to get an overview of good places to visit. We always write a few words about the facilities, and if you are allowed to stay there at night.

So far it has been very helpful, when we have been on the road and in need of finding a good place to camp. We just log on to our map to see if anything good is nearby. Often we drive till we find something nice – but sometimes when you drive with a 1 year old, it is so very nice to have a back-up or even just the possibility to choose between several places,  and then choosing after view, toilets, clean water, beach and so on.

I can only recommend mapping your road trips. When we have gotten to know our van a bit better, we dream about developing the map to expand from Sweden and Denmark to Europe – or maybe even make it a world map!

One Reply to “A good tip to van lifers”

  1. Elsker din (jeres) blog og din underholdende samt inspirerende måde at skrive på.
    Når du nu ikke sidder ved siden af og fortæller, så må det her være absolut næst-bedst!!

    Glæder mig til at følge med videre

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